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Original paintings by McRostie

Original paintings by McRostie limited edition prints and digital downloads by McRostie an English artist based in Barcelona

Original paintings by McRostie born in Northumberland England was given a camera by his father at the age of seven and has been involved in photography and the arts ever since. Now, most of his time is spent between his two great passions creative image making and painting. He confesses that he does not know, or care where one starts and the other finishes the whole process is one. “I paint things that I can’t photograph & photograph subjects that I can’t paint. But for me, photography is just one tool among many in the box, the most important skill is the ability to see and compose”. With his initial training in analogue stills and film photography, the disciplines of that period hold true today as we all rush through the digital revolution. McRostie’s work is a mixture of bold composition and colour, mixing strong lines with soft form are the trademarks of his studio in Barcelona.” I use art as a means of knowledge. I’m inspired mainly by strong composition, by people & places. It is important to me that my paintings are made using high-quality materials and to the highest standards by this I mean the combination of high levels of performance, creative reflection, planning and impromptu execution. Along with my ongoing painting practice, I continue to study painting as you never stop learning or seeing”.

“I decided it was time to downsize my studio to concentrate more on my personal work, my new studio in my attic has been named the “Sky Shed”. I think I have spent about three weeks converting the space. Having to make every cubic metre of space work, now in my shed on the roof I will be working in mixed media, digital art and sculpture”.

Original paintings by McRostie & Buying a painting online

Buying a painting online can be a difficult and daunting process. Art should be experienced in the real world but unfortunately in modern times, this is not always possible. To make you feel more secure about purchasing my work I am happy to have a video conversation with you to discuss a possible purchase or show you any works you are interested in. You may even want to just have a chat about my work.What’s App +34 662052088

room set by McRostie
abstract painting by McRostie
Original paintings by McRostie
Original paintings by McRostie



Digital Art

I find it difficult or even pointless to describe my work in words, as all the work is designed to be consumed by the viewer’s eye. With paint, I can play with ideas with the freedom of a child. With the principal viewer being myself, later some works make it out into the wider world. My personal projects last form a week to in some cases years.

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One of my first crafts to study, photography has been a discipline that I have practised since childhood. I can still see in my mind the results of my first film processed in my father’s darkroom. “The tree’s in the snow”, taken on a Kodak box browny. As I watched the image loom into view little was I too know it would become such a major part of my life.

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This is where the painter meets the computer and a whole world of binary beauty unfolds. It gives the creative a whole new box of tools to play with. Which seems at the time of writing to be endless and immense. I use all of the above disciplines but digital art is the future in so many creative areas, it’s here to stay so open up your minds and enjoy.

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Original paintings by McRostie
Original paintings by McRostie
Original paintings by McRostie
Original paintings by McRostie

Original paintings by McRostie from 600 Euros

Smalls 250€

Smalls are reworked versions of the originals presented in a handmade & painted shadow box frame 30cm x 30cm they are finished in various colours to complement the painting.

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