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The Water Project

I have always lived near or on the water,I think it is only later in life that I understand the effect that this would have on my life. From a young boy mesmerized by watching golden carp swimming slowly under my sailing dingy at the age of eight. I would spend hours gazing into the weedy lake waters silently watching the slow dance of the golden carp. Swimming naked in river rock pools the freezing mountain water shocking my lungs as I dove into their dark mysterious pools.

Sailing my ketch through the Mediterranean, to today the simple pleasure of sitting by a Catalan stream watching the reflections of thin water gurgling over glistening stones while a bird sings it’s joyful song. All reflects on my work.

But unlike many I truly understand the power of water, I think it would be easy to spend the rest of my life replicating the true beauty of agua. The memory of pink flamingos wading in the lagoons of south of France. The long strength of an Atlantic swell as it slides silently to the shore. The solitude of a lonely beach kissed by gentle ripple of a peaceful wave. The broken sculpture of dead boats tied up to an old pier.

All of the above I see in my work.



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