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My views on the abstract

Abstract for me it’s just another term which describes so many tools in the toolbox. I think it is fair to say that most of my work is influenced by an abstract mind. Even when using a camera I am thinking about the abstract image behind the camera, the one in my brain the one I hope the camera will see. And if not, I hope I can reproduce the same idea in post-production if I can remember it.


While painting the idea of the abstract is far easier to grasp but we still have to start with a mark on a piece of canvas or paper.

This is where the true difficulty of abstract begins: where do you put the mark.

Usually I have some form of idea about the image I wish to create, even if it is the loosest of impressions in my brain I usually have a place to start.


Abstract painting is all about happy mistakes not being afraid to let the child in you paint, not being afraid to paint flowers blue. Not being afraid to play with colors and how they interact with each other to say nothing of shapes. Darkness and Light all of these effects the abstract image and of course knowing when to stop.

Blue flower abstract painting by mcrostie
Mixed media

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