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Mixed Media


Mixed media

The term mixed media is a little bit of a funny one for me as most of my work entails mixing media, even my sketchbook is mixed media. I choose what medium to use purely by what kind of Mark I know I can achieve with the given media.

Be it charcoal, pencil, pen paint or ink.


In many ways I think mixed media is very much misunderstood. It hails back too lost days in arts classes were sticking and gluing seemed to be the easy choice. While there is not much sticking and gluing going on in my work, I have always pushed materials as far as I can to get the desired result. Sometimes of course we enter the world of happy accidents. This is where the painting or work starts to develop a life of its own. pushing the painting out from within the artist, this is where I feel most at home.


My work goes through many stages so mixed media to me is a natural form. It’s where I do not only have to decide the shape, form and color of a component. But more importantly the materials I use to achieve that foam.




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