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The Landscape Project

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The Landscape Project

The landscape project will follow my attempts at portraying life and the elements that have always stimulated me, I think of land as the history of a place. Who lived there three or four hundred years ago. Did they sit under this old oak tree? How many boys have played happily in this stream, how many lovers have walked this path? To me landscapes are forms created by history light & Shadow.

I am in my element in my native landscape of Northumberland with its soft rolling hills deep valleys and slow meandering rivers and streams. The soft summer grass of Scots Gap where as a child I chased rabbit & trout. But even as a child I appreciated the landscapes of Capability Brown his work as one of British leading landscape architects in the mid-1700’s.

Now I find myself halfway up a mountain in sunny Catalunya, which is in stark contrast to those soft green fells. But it has its redeeming features, the people are to my liking. The food and the wine are one of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

The mountains are harsh and in places inhospitable, the light in spring and autumn is a Creatives dream. So I intend to spend the rest of my days interpreting my environment.

So I intend to spend the rest of my days interpreting my environment.

After a working life spent mainly in studio’s I think I will enjoy these days ahead as a new chapter opens before me. I hope you enjoy.

Mixed media
New works by McRostie Sabadell, Barcelona.


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