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McRostie artist-photographer creative based in his Sabadell Barcelona studio for the past ten years. Known for his work in mixed media and three-dimensional form. McRostie constantly walks the line between digital and traditional disciplines. He has said that for him there is little difference between the two, they are both just tools in his creative box. “I simply try to express my thoughts and feelings with the best medium for the task at hand. As I was trained initially as a photographer this discipline continues to run through my work, I try to limit its influence on my painting. I make efforts to keep simple ideas loose, painting in layers, many layers are used in most of my work. Areas of an image are abraded rubbed and polished then sealed with a clear medium and worked again. The secret is knowing when to stop and pronounce the work finished”.

I create works in acrylic, charcoal & ink. The works go through many processes to achieve images or form that encourages the viewer, I hope to look and look again. All paintings are framed by myself as I feel the frame should be part of the artwork, not just a practical form of presentation. I try to use reclaimed timber in the frames if possible as it gives the material another life & if executed well improves the warmth of the work.

All of my work is available as original framed pieces, framed limited edition prints or digital downloadable print files.

I exhibit mainly in Spain but I am always interested in speaking to galleries & art lovers worldwide. I am very open and approachable so if you would like to discuss my work personally just contact me via our contact form or simply call me on +34 662052088.

Once I realize that you are not trying to sell me insurance or frozen food you will find I am very approachable. For Web Design

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Framing By McRostie

The presentation of my work is very important to me, I take great care in the selection of materials for the frame. This is because I make all of my frames by hand. In my opinion, a piece of artwork is made or broken by its final presentation. I often visualize the frame as I am creating the painting. I work in two main aspect ratios 1:1 square and 3:4 Landscape or portrait. You will notice in my gallery’s that most of my original work comes in a black gallery box frame and a hand-polished golden pine gallery box frame.

The design of the two frames is exactly the same the material & final finish are the only differences. You have to touch the Pine frames to feel the luxurious finish of the soft sheen.

The black box frames are forceful and bold and will suit any decor colour scheme.

Each picture is signed and dated on the back of the board & again on the back of the frame.

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Picture Frames
Picture frame clamp

Pine frames made by myself from echo friendly northern pine available in wax or matt acrylic finish. They are a pleasure to hold & compliment most of my works well.

Custom frames are always available contact me to discuss your needs.

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Mixed media

My Studio Pal Sailor Sam

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