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The Box Project

box project

The Box Project

This is one of my favoured works from the Boxes series which I completed in 2020 this was the first image I worked on.
My idea was to explore the contrast of the female form against a dark industrial angular background.
The project went on for more than a year. The actual set was in my studio for far more than a year, as opposed to the more usual month. I played with the boxes and toyed with different lighting setups this was one of the first frames taken.In my view it remains one of the strongest emotive images that I produced from this collection of work. Produced both in colour and black & white the aim was always to present the human form in stark contrast to their surroundings. It may seem like a simple task to place a few pretty ladies in some boxes but in truth it was far more complex. As the physical form arrangement and even colour of the set had to conform with the story being told.

The story is far from finished as the original idea has been bent and deformed way past it’s original conception.It was all shot in colour which works for some of the images, but my love for the mystery of monochrome wins through time & time again.I intend to keep exploring the subject in mixed media mainly charcoal and ink using just the shapes in their simplest form.

Mixed media


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